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Who is The Ideal BTB Member

November 21, 20203 min read

Who Is The Ideal BTB Member

At BTB our coaches are excited to work with our members, in order to help them reach their healthy and fitness goals. Despite what you might believe, we enjoy working with all of our clients independent of their training experience or “athletic ability”.

That being said, there are certain characteristics in an member that all BTB coaches love working with, above all else. You might be surprised to hear what type of member that is.

No it's not the person with the impressive fitness resume, it’s not the member who can squat 400lbs, and honestly our ‘ideal member’ traits have very nothing to do with their ability...but rather their attitude.! Our ideal member to work with possess these sets of characteristics, and when we see this type of member walk into the gym, we as coaches get pumped to start working with them! Those characteristics are:

#1 Consistent

We love working with member who are consistent. No this type of member doesn’t need to give a 100% every day when you walk into the gym. They don’t need to be completely dedicated to their craft, and they aren’t the athletes lying in a pool of their own sweat after each and every class.

But they are the type of people who show up 3-5x per week, consistently. They are the type of people who don't skip warm-up or pass up on cool down. Our favourite members to work with are the ones who recognize that the most important tool in their fitness arsenal is their consistency with the process. So if you’re really looking to impress your coach, and coincidentally get the most out of your fitness. We recommend following the BTB Immutable Law of “Be Consistent, Not Heroic”

#2 Coachable

Believe it or not, the member who ‘knows how to do everything perfectly’ isn’t our favorite member to work with. A) Nobody is perfect “even if we think we are” and B) Sure it might be neat to watch the talented members lift heavy weights, move through an impressive gymnastics routine, or complete a workout blazing fast. But what is truly most rewarding for us coaches, is helping everyday people improve their lives! So if you’re coachable, willing to pay attention to the coaches feedback, and listen to class instructions then we will go out of our way to help you become the best version of yourself!

#3 Proactive

Our favourite members are the ones who are proactive. Meaning that, they communicate their injuries (before they become injuries) if something is bothering them, they let the coaches know. They look at the whiteboard before asking the coach what the workout is. They check the athlete notes; before asking what scaling options for the workout are, and they are working on improving their movement quality, without being asked. Yes the coaches are here to remind you, motivate you, and inspire you. But what really lights our souls on fire, is seeing members take it upon themselves to be proactive in their fitness journey.

Traits of The Immutable BTB members’:

  • Trains 3-5x per week

  • Follows the appropriate stimulus for the workout

  • Reads the workout/ athlete notes in advance

  • Pays attention during the workout briefing

  • Takes feedback and implements the changes

  • Works hard and doesn’t complain

  • Brings a positive attitude to class

If this is you, give yourself a pat on the back. If you’ve still got a little ways to go (don’t worry we all do) then keep up the hard work, and try to keep these 3 traits in mind every time you step in the gym.

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