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About Between The Bumpers

Between The Bumpers (BTB) was founded by Sam Sabourin, a strength coach and athlete who felt that something was missing from his career after spending nearly a decade away from Stittsville. His wife, Arden, encouraged him to move back to Ottawa, and that conversation sparked the creation of BTB.

The community started in Sam's parents' small garage with just a few family members and friends training with outdated weights on a concrete floor. However, it quickly grew into a community of committed individuals striving to better themselves through fitness. After outgrowing the garage, the Sabourin family took on the ambitious task of building a new space for its growing community, breaking ground in April of 2018.

The gym is built on the same land that Sam's grandfather, Dave Morley, bought nearly 60 years earlier when he purchased the Mr. & Mrs. Stitts family farm. Sam and his family spent over two years building the new space, with early morning fitness classes and late-night coaching sessions squeezing in a few hours of construction in between each day.

Despite facing many challenges and adversities, the BTB community has come out stronger (We were open for 1 class in the new facility when the COVID lockdowns started). It is now recognized as a premier fitness facility, and its members are ambassadors of health and wellness. BTB is a place of high energy, supportive people, and growth, where members look forward to coming to the gym every day to maximize muscle gain, burn body fat, and avoid boredom and burnout.

BTB is a community of people who push themselves to become better versions of themselves. The coaches are recognized as some of the very best in their field and are required to constantly learn, take courses, and read books to stay on top of their game.



Emily McMahon

Head Coach

Emily joined BTB as a coach after completing her college placement at the facility! We were so impressed by Emily's passion for fitness that we had to offer her a position with the team. Emily now heads our programming and youth classes.

Elsa-Joy Chalmers

COACH + Administrator

Elsa-Joy came to BTB after an extensive career in the fitness industry that spanned multiple positions in the industry. Elsa-joy runs our teens program, newsletter, and administrative role at the gym.

Jon Cardinal


Jon joined BTB with an extensive background with the RCMP, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, and a love for faith and family. Jon can be found energizing our morning classes with that infectious energy of his.

Katelyn Galla


Katelyn has been a long time coach at the gym, and when she is not leading early morning fitness classes she can be found teaching our youth. As a French teacher here is Ottawa she takes on the important role of shaping our next generation.

Erin Case

Registered Massage Therapist

Graduating from Fleming College in Peterborough, Erin Case has been a registered massage therapist since 2010. With nearly 15 years of experience, she skillfully treats a diverse clientele, ranging from the youth to the elderly and from amateur enthusiasts to professional athletes.

Arden Sabourin

General Manager

Arden is our String-Puller at BTB. Working mostly on the back end of BTB Arden works to make sure things run smoothly from an operational perspective. Arden is also completing her Masters in Psychotherapy.

Dr. Marie-Pier Sauriol

Post-Partum Rehab

Dr. Sauriol heads our Post-Partum rehab program, specializing in helping new mothers navigate their bodies post pregnancy. Her passion is helping both mom and baby flourish after the miracle that is childbirth.

Sam Sabourin


Sam is the director of BTB Fitness. After years of working with athletes at the college and professional ranks, there was one thing missing from his resume...Family! So in 2017 he moved back to his home town of Stittsville to build a space to help his community take charge of their health.

THis Could Be You

JoB pOsiting

If you are a hard worker, passionate about helping people, and enjoying social settings, and think BTB could be a good fit for you, then click the link below to see all of our active Job Postings.


We're more than just a gym — we're a catalyst for transformation in Stittsville. Embark on a journey to elevate your health and wellness with our expertly designed fitness classes, personalized coaching, and an unwavering commuSocial Iconsnity spirit.


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