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Voting For The Type Of Person You Want To Become

April 22, 20243 min read

At Between The Bumpers (BTB), we often use the analogy of the "Voting Machine" to explain the power of habit building. This concept isn’t about monumental, life-altering changes that happen overnight. Instead, it's about the gradual, yet impactful process of becoming the best version of yourself through daily practice and choices.

Understanding the Voting Machine

Imagine each day as an opportunity to cast votes for the type of person you want to become. Each action you take is a vote toward a future self. Whether it’s choosing a salad over fast food, jogging instead of watching TV, or waking up with your first alarm, every decision counts. Conversely, every time you make a choice that doesn’t align with your goals, you essentially cast a vote for an alternate version of yourself.

The beauty of this analogy lies in its simplicity and realism. Perfection isn’t the goal; consistent effort in the right direction is.

Case Study: The Battle of the Snooze Button

Let’s dive into a relatable example: voting to be the type of person who doesn't hit the snooze button.

Initial Scenario: It’s early morning, and the alarm goes off. The immediate, tempting choice is to hit snooze and sink back into the comfortable bliss of your bed. In this moment, hitting snooze is a vote for being someone who postpones action.

Change Begins: One morning, you decide to cast a different vote. Instead of hitting snooze, you get up with the first ring of the alarm. This action is uncomfortable, maybe even a bit painful, but it's a powerful vote. You’ve just cast a vote for being proactive and disciplined.

Building Momentum: Each subsequent morning that you resist the urge to hit snooze, you accumulate more votes for being a disciplined, proactive person. Not every day will be perfect—there might be days when you give in to the snooze button. However, the goal isn't to achieve perfection but to accumulate more votes for the desired behavior than not.

Long-Term Impact: Over time, these daily votes compound. What started as a difficult task becomes a bit easier and more automatic. Eventually, your identity begins to align more with being a morning person who embraces the day immediately. You are not just someone trying to wake up earlier; you are someone who values discipline and vigor in the morning.

Why It Matters

The Voting Machine analogy teaches us that consistency trumps intensity in the realm of personal development. By focusing on making more positive votes than negative ones, we can gradually shift our habits and, consequently, our identities.

Every action you take is a piece of a much larger puzzle. By choosing actions that align with your goals, you shape your future self. Remember, it’s not about never failing or making mistakes; it’s about making sure that the majority of your votes are in favor of the person you aspire to be.

At BTB, we encourage you to think about the small, daily votes you can cast that will help you become not just what you do, but who you want to be. Whether it’s pushing through one more workout, choosing a healthier meal, or getting up with your alarm, every vote counts in the journey of becoming your best self.

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