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Gym Rules

Gym Etiquette “House Rules”

May 13, 20234 min read

Gym Etiquette “House Rules”


We do our best to keep the rules to a minimum here at BTB. That being said, do your best to follow the below rules and it will make for a better experience for everyone involved

We ask that all members follow these house rules to help nurture a supportive community.

Finish Workouts Together: We practice the immutable law of In This Together by viewing every workout as a team workout. Meaning if you finish the workout and other people are still, training, leave your equipment out and support them until they finish. Once everyone is complete the workout then we clean up as a group. 

No Headphone Policy: We ask that athletes avoid wearing headphones in the gym at all times. We are a ‘coaching gym’ and you’re noise cancelling headphones make it tough for us to coach you, additionally headphones can be a safety issue, so please avoid headphones and be as present as possible.

Parking: We have limited parking spots at the gym, so please do your best to park in an organized fashion.

Showers: Because we  have limited showers, please be considerate of your time. Please take brief showers to allow for other members to access the facilities as well. 

Dogs: BTB is an animal free gym, with the exception of service animals we ask that you leave your pets at home.

Kids: Kids must remain in the upstairs lounge during classes. It is your responsibility to make sure that your children are not disruptive to the rest of the class. If your baby is in a fixed seat they may join you on the floor. The reason we do not allow kids on the gym floor is because of the risk of injury from dropped weights, swingning Kettlebells, and other equipment risks that can happen in a group setting.

Personal Items: Please leave your gym bags and personal items in the locker rooms/personal vehicles, or at home. We do not have lockers so it is best to leave your valuables in a safe secure place. Further, please bring all your items with you when you leave the gym, no items/shoes are to be stored at the gym overnight.BTB is not responsible for any items left at the gym.

Programs and Training

Classes and Schedule: The gym is open most weekdays from 5:45AM - 7:45PM, with modified hours on weekends. We encourage all athletes to regularly attend classes, and if possible regularly attend the same class time. During class you have a chance to get coaching, and build relationships with other members. We often have the same coach lead the same class time every day. If you are able to train at the same time every day, that coach will get to know you and be able to better help guide your development.

Open Gym: Before participating in open gym, you must complete an open-gym specific  on-ramp & safety session. This is to ensure that you understand the practices, rules, and expectations for open gym. Further, open gym will only be available through sign-in on the members website. 

Membership Policies

Memberships: Our memberships are biweekly and month-to-month, and automatically renew on those time frames, from the date of sign up. We require a credit card or bank account which we can set-up for automatic billing.

Holds: We can place a hold on your membership if you are going to be away for more than 14 days. To have a hold placed on your account use the membership hold form and specify the dates you will be away, at least 3 days before the first day of the hold request. Please note that we only allow 1 membership hold per calendar year. 

Cancellations: If you would like to cancel your membership please fill out our cancellation request form.We require 14-days’ notice for all cancellations.

Signing-In: We require you to sign-in every time you come to the gym. This can be done at the front desk, or through the Zenplanner App. 

Private Training & Semi-Private Training

Cancellations: We require 24 hours notice for all cancellations. If less than 24 hours notice is given the session will be billed.


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